Our History

Apostle WilcotsThe Bible Days Revival Church began as a series of revivals and crusades that was led by our Founder Apostle E.W. Wilcots in 1963.  The church was initially organized under the umbrella of the Church of God in Christ, but through the leading of the Holy Spirit, it became an independent Pentecostal Organization.

The First Church building was housed in a three-room house on Finch Street where the first Bible Days broadcast was aired by radio. In 1964 Bible Days moved to a store front building on Lyons Avenue. Shortly after, in 1965, the church moved to another location on Deschaumes Street. During this era the church’s auxiliaries and departments were organized and another broadcast was added. In 1967, the first church property was purchased at 501 Quitman-presently the National Cathedral and Headquarters for the Bible Days Revival Church. In 1969, Bible Days obtained its’ Charter and became an incorporated church. Churches were established in the local area of Houston (Cullen, West End, and Nolda Street); Galveston, and Bay City, TX; Memphis, TN; Saint Louis, MO; Baltimore, MD; Detroit, MI; Washington, D.C.; Oakland and Los Angeles, CA.

our leadersPresently, Bible Days “The Church of the City, still stands at 501 Quitman Street, just outside of Downtown Houston. In August 2008, our founder passed on the mantle as Pastor to his son, Rev. Anthony W. Wilcots, Sr., and with God’s help, The Church of the City, will continue in the work of the kingdom.